Rose Cottage Croft

Rose Cottage is a small croft in Scullomie just outside of the village of Tongue on the very far north coast of Scotland. Scullomie has stunning views over the Kyle of Tongue, Rabbit Islands and Eilean nan Ron. The view from Rose Cottage is ever changing, the sea can be azure blue on a sunny day, jade green on a cold winter’s day and sparkling silver as night time falls. It a perfect place to take inspiration.

The cottage takes its name from the old climbing roses that ramble up the front wall, looking at their abundance of blooms it’s easy to forget that this is the very far north of Scotland.

A range of Critters make the croft their home along with us, each with their own role to play in maintaining the croft. Have a look at Meet the Critters to find out more about them.

The croft garden provides apples, summer berries, rhubarb and lovely smelling herbs such as chamomile, lavender and rosemary. Again, much of what grows does so in defiance of the challenging climate.

This is a special place, at times the weather is ferocious, but it can be the most tranquil place on earth. The wild life and wild flowers complete the setting. I don’t think there’s many places where you can have the company of an inquisitive seal as the dogs play in the cove during their morning walk or you can pause to take in the sight of dolphins heading out to the open sea.

We have created a range of candles and soaps to share a little of the magic of this place with you.

In our candles we only use eco soya wax and highest quality fragrance oils. Blending them here in the croft house kitchen in small batches always including a minimum of 10% of fragrance oil to each candle so that you get best aroma possible.

Our soaps are also created in the croft kitchen bringing together botanicals, essential oils, and additives like oatmeal so that all ours soaps are great to use. We hope you enjoy sharing a little of our crofting lifestyle.

As our candles, soap and associated products are made in small batches in our croft kitchen, don't be surprised if we sell out of some items quickly.

Be assured though that we will be working hard to get them back into stock as quickly as possible.

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