Rumina's Roses

Warmth and elegance of rose
Manufacturer: Rose Cottage Croft

Rumina is the longest serving member of our Goat Ground Maintenance Crew, she often looks on in despair as the younger members play around instead of taking their work seriously. Rumina believes she is elegant and sophisticated and that the others need to learn from her.

Rumina’s candle brings her favourite treat to life, the roses that adorn the croft cottage. Her candle will fill the room with the fragrance of crisp, rich, red roses.

Rumina’s Roses Candle
Rumina’s Roses Candle
Warmth and elegance of rose scented candle in a tin
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Katie's Meadow Reed Diffuser
Rumina's Roses Reed Diffuser
Warmth and elegance of rose scented reed diffuser
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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