A little about our added ingredients

Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium (Egyptian) oil is well known for its skincare properties. It is added to even out oily or combination skin complexions and is said to nourish and re-hydrate dry and mature skin. It has a lovely sweet floral fragrance and brings this to the soap. The strong smell of this oil is particularly good to naturally ward off biting insects and head lice.

Soaps containing Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil:

Sweet Orange Oil

A wonderfully uplifting cheerful aroma, Sweet Orange Oil is one of the most popular essential oils within aromatherapy where it’s used on the immune system and to eliminate toxins from the body. Sweet Orange Oil is also rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, used on the skin it is naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, supporting healing and often found in anti-aging products.

Soaps containing Sweet Orange Oil:

Lemon Essential Oil

This clean fresh smelling citrus essential oil has many uses in aroma therapy. It is not only good for helping you make decisions and to improve your concentration, but to assist digestion, rheumatism, arthritis and gout and thought to be of great benefit to cellulite, abscesses, boils, carbuncles and acne. When used on the skin it is naturally astringent, detoxifying and antiseptic.

Soaps containing Lemon Essential Oil:

Lime Essential Oil

Like other clean smelling citrus oils in aroma therapy it is used to help lift depression and lighten your mood when feeling blue. In skin care it is thought to be of benefit to fight cellulite and to tone the skin in general.  

Soaps containing Lime Essential Oil:

Lemongrass Essential Oil

This fresh smelling oil has a wonderful lemony, sweet smell. It is used in aromatherapy to relieve muscle pain, and on the skin to kill bacteria and ward off insects. As you might guess it does share the scent of lemons but it’s less sour, milder and sweeter. Lemongrass is reported to be antimicrobial, antiseptic, deodorant, fungicidal and some say bugs don’t like it. That might be why the Critters added it to their soap. 

Soaps containing Lemongrass Essential Oil:

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil has a rich musky-sweet, strong spicy and herbaceous smell.  Although this essential oil may remind people of a certain age of the hippy era, its value in skincare is incalculable, it’s soothing and antibacterial. It’s known to speed up healing, thought to prevent ugly scars forming when wounds heal and is also good to ward off pesky insects. 

Soaps containing Patchouli Essential Oil:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

It’s said that no household should be without this essential oil because of its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal effects. It’s warm. Spicy fresh aroma is lovely in soap.

Soaps containing Tea Tree Essential Oil:

English Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is also known as garden or common lavender. When used in skin care it is soothing, balancing, cleansing and refreshing, with anti-inflammatory effects. A classic fragrance for any soap.

Soaps containing English Lavender Essential Oil:

 Neroli Light Essential Oil

Neroli Light Essential Oil is a blend of natural citrus distillates and is like Neroli Essential Oil. In aroma therapy it may help you to wind down after a stressful day. Neroli Light is beneficial to the skin, it’s toning, soothing and antimicrobial and thought to be an antioxidant. We love the honey, sweet scent it brings to soap.

Soaps containing Neroli Light Essential Oil:

Rosemary Essential Oil

In aroma therapy this crisp and clean smelling essential oil is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory and mental clarity, while helping with a variety of congested respiratory tract problems. It is also used for improving hair and scalp health as it balances your skin and scalp's oil secretions.

Soaps containing Rosemary Essential Oil:

Peppermint Oil

Also known as Balm Mint, this cooling and refreshing essential oil is used in aromatherapy to stimulate the mind, increase mental agility, help to ease a spastic colon, migraine, headaches, sinus and chest congestion and boosts the digestive system. When used on the skin it’s cooling, reduces redness, calms irritation and itchiness.

Soaps containing Peppermint Oil:

Neem Oil

Neem oil is an excellent moisturising oil, containing various compounds that have insecticidal and claimed medicinal properties. It is used in making shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, mosquito repellents, creams and lotions, pet products like pet shampoo, etc. It also contains vitamin E, other essential amino acids and some percentages of fatty acids. Neem oil has been used for treating many skin diseases e.g.. eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, etc. A compound found in Neem Oil and neem leaf extract- 'Salannin', has been proven to be a safe and effective insect repellent. Neem provides protection not only from mosquitoes, but also from biting flies, sand fleas and ticks.

Soaps containing Neem Oil:

Calendula Oil

Known for its skincare properties, calendula is regenerative and anti-inflammatory,antifungal and antimicrobial. Its soothing qualities make it good for damaged and chapped skin. Its high levels of saponins, flavonoids and carotenoid make it a powerful antioxidant. The powerful action of Calendula oil lies in improving the blood flow to the affected area and in supporting healing.

Soaps containing Calendula Oil:

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond oil is vitamin rich. Thanks to the Vitamin E content it helps keep skin cells healthy, smooth looking, free from lines. The fatty acids content retains moisture supporting healing for chapped and irritated skin.

Soaps containing Sweet Almond Oil:

Raspberry Oil

Extraordinarily high in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, Raspberry Seed oil is a superb antioxidant. It contains 83% essential fatty acids. Its high level of Vitamin E is known to give it an important role in skin repair and conditioning. Raspberry Oil is known especially for its prevention of gingivitis, rashes, eczema and other skin lesions. Raspberry seed oil is emollient, lubricating, conditioning, creates a lipid barrier providing protection to the skin and provides moisture retention for the skin.

Soaps containing Raspberry Oil:


Honey is naturally antibacterial and full of antioxidants, great properties for skin care. Honey has been recognised as an emollient for centuries helping the skin lock the moisture in. The honeybee’s gift to our skin.

Soaps containing Honey:

Poppy Seeds

Ground poppy seeds and poppy seed oil are rich in nutrients, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and moisturising. We add whole poppy seeds as an excellent natural exfoliator, to cleanse and give the skin a healthy glow. 

Soaps containing Poppy Seeds:

Ground Almond Seed

Ground almonds are rich in nutrients and full of vitamin E with all the benefits that brings. They are a highly effective gentle exfoliator, improving skin tone and colour, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. We only use natural exfoliators never microplastics so there’s no concern about what goes down the drain.

Soaps containing Ground Almond Seed:

Ground Oatmeal

Oatmeal is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat dry skin. Oatmeal contains saponins which are natural cleaning agents, helping soften and soothe the skin, it also gently exfoliates, removing dirt and impurities. Oatmeal is also thought to help balance the skin leaving a natural, healthy, glow. 

Soaps containing Ground Oatmeal:


The coffee grounds are a great exfoliator naturally removing dead skin and impurities, great for dirty crofter’s hands. Research has found the substances found in coffee also promote healthy skin. Caffeic acid is an antioxidant and has antimicrobial properties so a natural germ defence, while chlorogenic acid may support the reduction of inflammation. Wet coffee grounds rubbed into the skin are thought to help tackle the most stubborn cellulite, this must be worth a try. The caffeine in coffee might be a stimulant in your morning brew but in soaps it’s naturally soothing and a mild astringent. Coffee is also good at neutralising odours.

Soaps containing Coffee:

Goats milk

Goats Milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals, the Vitamin E found in abundance in goat’s milk is often called the skin’s best friend. It is also rich in butterfat a perfect natural moisturiser.

Soaps containing Goats milk:

French Pink Clay

French Pink Clay contains iron oxide, silica and trace elements. It has a softening and toning effect on the skin making it ideal for all skin types and particularly for mature skins.

Soaps containing French Pink Clay:

French Green Clay

French Green Clay is the most absorbent of the clays used in cosmetics drawing out impurities. It cleanses the skin and helps to normalise sebum production. It is suitable for all skin types but particularly useful for oily skin types and acne prone skins. Green Clay will also assist with tissue repair and calms inflammation.

Soaps containing French Green Clay:

Ground Turmeric

Frequently used to bring a golden natural colour to soap. Turmeric has long been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent, a remedy for digestive disorders and liver problems. When used on the skin it is naturally anti-bacterial and thought to be of benefit to skin conditions and wound healing.

Soaps containing Ground Turmeric:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is 20 times more antioxidant-active than Vitamin C. The scavenging effect of lipid free radicals (one antioxidant property) of polyphenols in green tea extracts can be clearly observed in experiments. This makes it an excellent addition to soap.

Soaps containing Green Tea Extract: